TTRPG is a new RPG genre emerging in the internet space. It combines the conventional rules and stories of an RPG game with a technological approach. TTRPG is fun to play and challenging to master.

Being the first game in the line, the High Frontier rules, which were written by my friend Antoni Torres, was the ideal method to allow the creation of new rules, adding to the already existing pool of High Frontier adventures. This provided us the opportunity to develop new game content and expand the TTRPG genre.

This TTRPG game is a twist on the usual dark fantasy or post-apocalyptic setting, but also open to all the settings that favor a more humorous approach to the genre: sci-fi, horror or cyberpunk. It is for players looking for a new type of TTRPG game, that will take them out of their comfort zone.

Whether you want to create characters with past, present, or future gear, or just want to dive into new worlds, this game is just for you!

It has been a while since I have released a new game, but it’s because in the last years I have been pretty busy with my own game development, specially with the creation of the new TTRPG: High Frontier. For this reason, I’ve been waiting a couple of months before starting the development of this new version, but it was not possible to avoid the rain without a roof. The first version I’ll release is more than 2 years old now, so I wanted to do a clean start, update both the game rules and the presentation. That’s why for the new version I focused on a high-quality, clean, pixel art style, adding a new, handy, and easy-to-use character creation tool.

For this reason, I’ve decided to restart the project with another new game, titled: High Frontier. It’s an early version, but I will update it over the coming months and I’ll invite you to help me bring this new TTRPG to life.


For those of you that never played High Frontier before, the game includes all the rules that I have made for the first game, including all the new equipment, magic and weapons created for the second release. I updated the OGL and open sourced all the sources under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

The new version includes:


Features Key:

  • Paid Content: Battle – There’s Battle – The winner/survivor(s) will be the players with more points.
  • Paid Content: Level – There’s Level – The players will be ranked by level.
  • Paid Content: Tournament – There’s Tournament – A tournament is a tournament of tournaments. Once the first tournament has completed the next tournament will be automatically started and all previous tournament progress won’t be carried over.
  • 3 Classifications of Weight: Easy, Normal, Hard (Except PS4)

Comanisl – Wintercearig – Support the Devs ($10)

Comanisl – Wintercearig – Support the Devs ($10) Game Key Features:

  • Your Magic Attacks will be Skill Based: Nature and Stamina
  • Increased Defence When Magic Attacks are on
  • Reduced Magic Attacks when Defence is on
  • Shields increase those Effects

dylanwu – Wintercearig – Support the Devs ($10)

dylanwu – Wintercearig – Support the Devs ($10) Game Key Features:

  • The player with the Most Points wins.

bobergan – Wintercearig – Support the Devs ($10)

bobergan – Wintercearig – Support the Devs ($10) Game Key Features:

  • The game will end when all players are dead.

Beekz – Wintercearig – Support the Devs ($10)

Beekz – Wintercearig – Support the Devs ($10) Game Key Features:

  • Play against AI.
  • Earn free noob levels.


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Cyberpunk Games are inherently interesting for their worldbuilding and themes, but they are hard to use for the amount of time and the “baggage” required to set up a session. They are ideal for quick roleplaying games on the table-top, but easily fall apart under too much time pressure.And those that do come up are often a combination of rules from a variety of sources that are all over the place.We here at Iron Games have decided to create the kind of Cyberpunk games that should be quick, easy to use, and can feel like you’re playing a roleplaying game.We’ve spent the last few years building what we believe to be the best Cyberpunk game system available. Based on what we’ve learned from creating and playing Cyberpunk games over the years, we’ve built out a comprehensive tabletop toolkit that features a well-rounded Cyberpunk and Blade Runner aesthetic.With this toolkit, we are going to make this kind of Cyberpunk easier and faster to run. Our focus has been on being easily implemented on a table-top and in your imagination while still offering the freedom of a roleplaying game.In the SprawlRunner Paged Gamebook, we take on this challenge. We want to build a Cyberpunk Toolkit that makes it easy to use, play, and run games without requiring you to have a lot of experience to get up and running. The SprawlRunner Paged Gamebook is one piece of that puzzle.To do this, we start with a new Cyberpunk background called Blade Runner. Blade Runner is the setting and background for the SprawlRunner gamebook, and you can use it to set up a Cyberpunk game easily. We also give you a full set of rules to roll up an entire character, including most of the major categories.And we’ve added support for magic, a large set of Hindrances, Gear, Interfaces, Gear Advances, and even PCs that have implants or cyberware!We’ve also invested quite a bit of time in designing and preparing for the Gamebook to be printed and stowed. The pages are easy to write on, and we’ve made the book small enough that you can actually read without a chair.This gives players an easy way to get their hands


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How to avoid repeating Code in for-each loop?

I need to write a function that takes a Java List of Runnables, and removes those Runnables that have had their run() methods called before. I wrote this:
public void run() {
for (String job : jobs) {

public void runJob(String job) {
if (previousJobRun)
previousJobRun = true;

runJob(job, timestamp);

public void runJob(String job, long timestamp) {
// Code to run the job

The problems with this is that in runJob, it has to check if previousJobRun is true (to check if the run() method has been called before), as well as do the runs job, which means that runJob has to execute twice if the code in runJob changes.
Is there a way to make runJob execute only once if the code changes, without having to repeat the code that calls runJob in runJob?
Edit: Thanks for the comments. I just wanted to make clear that what I wanted was “solved” by a comment, and that it wasn’t “a duplicate” of an existing question.


You may have a map for a history of jobs, maybe you should look at HashMap instead.
In that way, you do the following
public void run() {
for (String job : jobs) {

public void runJob(String job) {
if (hasHistory(job))


What’s new:

Some weeks ago we released Wintercearig, a comet-like first-person adventure game inspired by 90’s horror movies like Halloween and the Friday the 13th series. If you haven’t checked it out yet, jump to the video review.

We already launched a new demo of this project over a month ago, but there is no longer a dedicated funding campaign. If you like what you read on this site, hit the donate button and help us a bit.

We focused our campaign on three parts; art, sound and programming and all of them have received full support thus far.

Have a look at our development page to get an idea what has been accomplished so far.

We don’t accept any funding at this point. However, if you have been playing the demo and are interested in supporting us further, feel free to do so using the images below as rewards.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your support. Keep following our development via the links in the sidebar. We hope you’ll like where we’re taking Wintercearig!

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Like this: Like Loading…Ellen’s Story

Ellen’s Story


Ellen came to us for sex addiction treatment as a college student. Her first few years in treatment were intense — and she achieved many of her goals. She got her first apartment and finished her undergraduate degree.

But now, more than 10 years later, Ellen is still in treatment and living with us. She has persevered because she wants to be the best version of herself so she can live the life she wants.

Ellen in Community:

When Ellen moved to our treatment program, she was living with her boyfriend, where she was able to support her drug use. When she came to our program, her boyfriend moved out, and life became difficult. She was working at six different places to make ends meet, but when she got a new job at a restaurant, her boss asked her to secretly skim money from the cash register. She did this for a few months, then after being caught, she moved in with two friends who lived at their mom’s house, further scraping by with odd jobs to make ends meet. Their house


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