Owners making exterior, interior improvements to David building

June 13, 2024

The historic downtown building that has been home to Club David for years is seeing some major improvements this summer.

Exterior work has started on the multistory property at 212 W. 10th St., which is owned Ballard Building LLC, the ownership group that includes Parker’s Bistro — which is in the nearby historic Ballard Building — Myrtle’s Fur Vault & Bar, Icon Lounge and DaDa Gastropub.

The building was built in three stages from the west beginning in the late 1880s and continuing into the 1940s.

To start, “we’re doing the windows and doorways and some exterior painting and tuck-pointing and brick fixing,” owner Stacy Newcomb said.

“We’re really reinstating the original design as best we can.”

The property consists of two separate buildings, including the three-story one on the far west side that originally was home to the city’s longest-running newspaper at one point, the Sioux Falls Journal.

“And they built behind it and added to the front of it,” Newcomb said, adding that overall the outside building condition isn’t too bad, other than an exposed east wall, “which is going to take some extensive work.

“The one that’s on the alley, which really wouldn’t have been intended to be an exterior wall when it was built, there was a lodge next door that burned down — a huge building — and I think they joined each other at that time.”

Work is underway on the facade and east-facing windows, and the hope is to be done soon, she said.

From there, it’s on to the interior, where “we’ve started doing a few things, but we haven’t done near what we’re planing to do,” Newcomb said. “We’re really just reinvigorating the building.”

The first floor will get a new look right away thanks to the windows that are being installed and the storefront being open, she said.

“There were no windows on the whole main floor — even the door — everything was closed off,” she said. “So we’ve added two storefront windows and three east-side windows to brighten it up and make it feel really different. And we haven’t done any finished painting or finished furniture yet.”

The first floor will be set up to host events, including weddings and concerts, she said.

Upstairs will offer new seating for a bar and restaurant setup, including a patio.

“We will have food as an option in the building. We’re putting a hood in, and that’s almost done,” Newcomb said. “Sometime this summer, it’ll be a bar and restaurant and with the potential for some events, and the second-floor patio is pretty.”

Her son Carter Weiland is working on the menu, she said.

“He’s got a bunch of ideas. It’ll be a much simpler menu than Parker’s and a little more like DaDa … fairly casual and not too expensive, but it’ll be a different cuisine than we have in either of the other places. We’ll continue to do different things.”

The plan is to continue operating throughout construction, including keeping the patio open this summer “because it’s a favorite spot,” Newcomb said. “But we’re updating all the furniture and fixtures and bar tops. It needs an update.”

For now, the name remains David, she said. “It hasn’t evolved into anything else yet. But it’s a place a lot of people know and named for the statue of David, which is right down the same street, so it’s got a reason to be named that.”

The hope is to debut the menu later this summer and have most of the work wrapped up by fall, when the venue is scheduled to host a wedding.


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